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Prepaid Currency Card: € / US$

Travelling soon? Looking for cheaper exchange rate?

The solution could be just here as an alternative to a currency account with the new prepaid currency card by FairFX. You may want to have access to foreign currencies from time to time but the use of a currency account might seems inappropriate.

The new prepaid Euro or USD currency card by FairFx would certainly be a nice alternative. The card works like a regular credit card or debit card, but you top it up the same way you would top up your mobile phone.

The currency prepaid card from FairFx gives you instant access to Euro or US dollars with a much cheaper exchange rate than most high street bank. And most importantly, the Euro prepaid card or the US$ prepaid card give you a better exchange rate than most credit card when used abroad.

This prepaid debit card is the ideal companion for your next holidays.

The Card is a new MasterCard Prepaid Debit Card service backed by the Newcastle Building Society. It provides consumers with a new way to change and spend money whilst overseas with no hidden charges and at fair exchange rates.

For more information, click here to visit their website

Tips: Prepaid Credit Cards

You can use Prepaid Credit Card as a bank account. Most of the prepaid credit cards allow you to have your salary paid into your prepaid credit card account.

We also recommend Prepaid credit cards to build a clean credit history.

A Prepaid Credit Card means that like a pay as you go phone, you need to put money on to the account before you can use it. It is not a debit card that is linked to a bank account or credit card where you pay for your transactions at a later date. You just top it up - it's easy!

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