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Energy prices are set to increase by a further 20% in the coming weeks following EDF's move to increase bills late last week. This is the second round of price hikes this year and now means UK consumers could be faced with massive energy bills of £1,300 a year!!! That's a £400 increase since the start of 2008. In order to protect your bills, consumers are encouraged to apply for a "fixed" tariff. These products may have limited availability and so act quick to avoid disappointment.

Top tips for beating energy price rises

What do you do when your gas & electricity suppliers put up their prices?

a) Nothing – what can you do?

b) Grumble and talk about moving supplier, but never quite get around to it?

c) Take action

If you answered a or b you need to read our tips below and see how you could be benefiting, not beaten by energy price rises.

Top tips

1) If you’ve never switched from your incumbent energy suppliers (British Gas and your local electricity board) you are likely to be paying 20% more than you would be by switching to your cheapest supplier.

Carry out a simple comparison and see what you could save.

2) How do you pay your bill? Direct Debit is not only easy to set up, but many suppliers offer a further discount if you pay this way.

3) Consider switching to a dual fuel plan with a supplier. Not only can you benefit from just one bill, but dual fuel plans can offer a bigger discount.

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4) Don’t be complacent. Your previous best deal may now be costing you money due to price rises. Carry out a regular MOT on your energy supplier and keep on top of price rises.

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5) Fix your price. Fixed or tracker plans offer a fixed or capped price for a period of time (usually 18 months to two years) for a small premium on the supplier’s standard tariff. Plus you could still make savings if the supplier’s tariff is cheaper than your current supplier. Compare fixed price plans

6) Act now. Switching in the summer means you will already be paying less before those big winter fuel bills arrive.

Take action

Switching is simple and can take just five minutes - all you need to do is follow these four steps:

· Give your postcode so we can find your local suppliers.

· Tell what you want from your gas & electricity supplier.

· We’ll show you all the suppliers for your area that are right for you.

· You choose your new gas & electricity supplier. We then just need a few details so we can take care of the switch for you - it’s that simple.

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